A state-of-the-art advisory process involves a systematic enumeration of private- and institutional-client needs, as well as support in deriving and implementing strategy-appropriate solutions. This must take place in light of both current regulatory requirements in all applicable jurisdictions as well as modern expectations of multi-channel, interactive communications.

This last point is especially noteworthy, given that our experience has shown advisory processes to have evolved over time and to be bound to single communications channels that lack the advantages of an omni-channel approach.

Together with our clients we start by (re-)defining the advisory processes, taking into account the needs for interactivity, short reaction time and personalized interactions. Client relationship managers are supported by modern tools and cockpits. Central functions (e.g. product suitability checks, portfolio monitoring) ensure an automation of routine tasks. In particular, compliance functions such as investor classifications and suitability checks ought to be automated as much as possible, enabling the client relationship managers to spend more time on value-adding activities, less on administrative overhead. In this way, we improve the efficiency of client interactions and professionalize the active client book management.

Our Contribution

  • Business process reengineering within investment advisory
  • Conceptual definition and implementation of a new approach for holistic advice
  • Definition of advisory products and services for a CH private bank
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