In today’s banking world clients expect client tax reporting services offered by their bank. The design of such a service and its operating model induces a lot of decisions which need to be taken. Banks must decide for each client domicile which kind of tax reporting services they want to offer (generic report vs fully-fledged domicile specific report), how these reports are generated (in-house vs outsourcing), how fast the reports are provided, and which price models are applied to generate sufficient profit margins. Furthermore, tax reporting requires an annual review of the changes in the tax legislation. If changes for the upcoming year have been introduced, respective changes in the reports and the underlying application are required.


In addition to the above aspects tax data management is a real challenge. Whether you produce tax reports inhouse or in cooperation with an outsourcing provider, the quality of the tax reporting service depends on the quality of the tax data provided by the bank. Since tax reporting requires domicile-specific data that is usually not provided by the core banking system, tax data management is a unique domicile-specific task, that needs to be solved efficiently.

Our Contribution

  • Development of Tax Reporting related service offering & strategy
  • Selection & implementation of your operating model (e.g. in-house production, outsourcing, domicile-specific data management)
  • Advice on product and lifecycle management of your tax reporting related services (e.g. definition of service bundles, cost management, pricing strategy)
  • Development of tax reporting services from a cost case into a service offering that generates sufficient profit margins
  • Analysis of your tax-related data management processes and definition of to-be data management processes
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