With financial markets in constant turmoil, currencies and countries prone to falling into crisis suddenly and unexpectedly, and internal financing capabilities being finite, securing a solid financing basis is more important and more challenging than ever before.

Corporate finance used to mean responding to the financial markets, but increasingly has taken on the role of actively shaping them. In such an unstable environment only a long-term strategy can successfully meet the challenges presented to the corporate world. On one hand, a planned and structured approach prevails over permanently reactive and opportunistic behavior. On the other, resulting changes will have to be effectively managed across the organization in order to strengthen it, rather than weakening it further.

In light of this, it also implies a competitive advantage for financial service providers who, in the current context, are able to employ long-term financing. Structuring financing in line with the business model and utilizing alternative instruments are indispensable practices, not only in maintaining the trust of financing providers, but also in reducing administrative burdens. Ad hoc financing arrangements may appear simpler and cheaper, but often prove otherwise as a number of more expensive, one-off solutions compound the initially anticipated costs.

Our Contribution

  • Development of strategic business alternatives, evaluation and valuation of business strategies, assessment of potential reorganizations for maximum value generation
  • Execution of feasibility studies, development of valuation models and business planning
  • Support of due diligence, M&A & divestment processes
  • Support for managing integration and spinoff projects
  • Linking finance processes to operational processes for increased efficiency
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