ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors in financial services have been around since decades. In recent years they are increasingly leading the debate when it comes to integrating respective investment products into a client offering. This is not limited to wealth managers, but affects asset managers and insurers alike. More and more of their client want to bring their investments in line with their personal values in order to achieve both, financial performance and impact according to their values. The integration of ESG factors in the investment process can also be beneficial. Leveraging securities with a high score has proven to represent a certain level of quality.

However, data from rating agencies, such as Sustainalytics, MSCI, Bloomberg or ISS, can provide an inconsistent ‘point-of-view’, due to different rating standards. Their services need to be evaluated in conjunction with the applied investment universe to get the most out of it. The EU Action Plan aims for a stronger standardization of the ESG topic in order to foster private investments towards sustainable development. The Swiss regulator will certainly follow. It can be assumed that this will introduce certain standards and offer greater transparency to investors in the world of sustainable investing. Hence, market players need to ensure that their advisory, investment and reporting processes are fit to integrate the regulatory requirements and that necessary data is available.

Our Contribution

  • Implementation of regulatory requirements within the ESG framework for a global asset manager
  • Proven and certified experts in the area of sustainable finance
  • Implementation of major regulatory topics, such as MiFID II, FIDLEG, UCITS and IDD
  • Implementation of processes, policies and tools to support active ownership for a global asset manager
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