Accounting for securities and other investments poses significant challenges to modern enterprises. The stakes are high: inaccurate figures in public disclosures of company results may severely harm a firm’s reputation.

Organizations in the financial industry face a growing complexity in newly created financial instruments, necessitating a multidimensional configuration of the booking logic in IT systems in order to guarantee sound accounting practice. Against this backdrop, management teams must be nimble, able to act quickly while anticipating the accounting effects of their investment decisions. This requires accurate, continuously updated accounting figures and the ability to carry out fast closings. This challenge becomes compounded even further in cases where heterogeneous data storage leads to inconsistent data, requiring costly and labor-intensive reconciliations on a continuous basis.

A large company may benefit by replacing a heterogeneous application landscape with a fully integrated asset management system utilizing a central data source. This enables company-wide availability of consistent, accurate, and daily accounting figures for use in reports and for management throughout all business teams.

In fact, there is often improvement potential even within organizations that wish to benefit from specialized applications. In such cases, individualized improvements can engender appreciable benefits, such as increases in automation and decreases in operational risk.

Our Contribution

  • Investigation of accounting errors in sub-ledger securities accounting
  • Introduction of tools, methods and processes for quality management in investment accounting
  • Optimization of closing processes and introduction of an internal control system within the back-office of an asset manager
  • Support in replacing SAP CFM and in adoption of SimCorp Dimension as an integrated asset management system
  • Management of the upgrade from SAP FI/CO ERP to current SAP technology
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