The terms Portfolio Management and Asset Management, as used by banks and insurers, span multiple business areas such as the management of private investment assets, institutional asset management services and fund management. Finalix has been supporting clients engaged in these activities since its founding, promoting their successful positioning amidst increasingly challenging market environments. We ask and help answer core questions such as:

  • In designing portfolio management products, how do you balance the ability to adjust to customer needs against the administrative burden of customization?
  • In looking at the end-to-end investment process – from research to decision execution to reporting – how can it be structured to guarantee maximum performance, regulatory compliance, and cost efficiency?
  • Among clients, how do you engender the perception that asset management activities contain deeply rooted value?
  • Can competence in asset management be leveraged in order to offer contract-based advisory services?
  • What does increasing digitalization in our daily lives mean for asset management?

The most appropriate approach to addressing these issues can vary significantly on the basis of firm size, core capabilities, business strategy and geographical focus. Our consultants bring together theoretical knowledge with long-term practical experience in order to support asset management businesses in defining strategies, designing products, optimizing processes, performing business analysis, documenting concepts and specifications, rolling out new software packages or bespoke modules, outsourcing specific segments in the value chain, and supporting project management in areas such as change management, test management, and data migration and verification.

Our Contribution

  • Tuning of product and service catalogs
  • Asset management process optimization
  • Concept and specification documentation
  • Pre-implementation consulting and business analysis supporting the rollout of software packages or bespoke modules
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