Today’s financial institutions are challenged by rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, legal guidelines and directives. Keeping up with these changes, assessing the extent of their applicability, and complying with them in a timely manner poses a significant challenge.

The alphabet soup of regulatory terminology, including such gems as automatic exchange of information (AEOI), revised anti-money-laundering (AML) guidelines, EMIR/FinfraG, MiFid II, FIDLEG and FINIG, makes it hard to prioritize and identify potential synergies in compliance, which is increasingly prerequisite to timely action. On top of all this, the requirements may differ from country to country and often require large budget allocations.

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements can pose a significant reputational risk, among others. Implementing new measures on time and analyzing their effects on existing IT systems and business processes in detail is essential for each of these regulatory issues. Structured analysis and functional support are the basis for a successful approach to changing regulations.

Our Contribution

  • Support in evaluating and selecting anti-money-laundering software
  • Analysis of interfaces between processes on group level and IT subsequent to regulation-driven changes
  • Implementation of adapted business processes for financial accounting/regulatory reporting and credit risk management
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