Client reporting, also known as investment reporting, poses major challenges to a bank. To start, data from numerous sources must be integrated with existing reporting systems. Further, the data must be cleansed, aggregated, have key figures calculated from it, and prepared in a way that meets the specific requirements of both customer and regulator.

The modern banking customer has information needs that go beyond the customer segment he has been allocated to. Information content, periodicity of reporting, reporting channels, and integration of external- and non-bankable assets such as real estate or private equity investments can all differ, necessitating a well-conceived architecture and a Target Operating Model (TOM) configured to the customer’s needs.

Moreover, expectations with regard to content and graphical representation have increased in recent years. Return and risk figures such as absolute and relative performance, performance attribution, value at risk, the “greeks,” the economic exposure, and cash flow projection are now becoming standard in reporting to the high-end-client segment. In addition to that, new reporting channels such as smartphones, tablets et cetera call for a global omni-channel strategy.

Opportunities for improved customer reporting present themselves naturally as firms replace aging application landscapes with fully integrated systems. Such systems feature both centralized data storage as well as data standardization and data quality management, enabling real time reporting through the customer’s preferred channels.

Our Contribution

  • Responsible for the evaluation of a new investment reporting system for a major Swiss bank
  • Development of a global investment reporting strategy for a major Swiss bank
  • Redesign of an online banking system for a major Swiss bank
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