Business challenges abound in the financial sector. Competitors are legion, and services are difficult to differentiate. Sales forces must contend with mountains of administrative work, while customers and prospects would be hard-pressed to even identify their own needs without prompting. Add to all this the ever-growing body of regulatory requirements and constraints, and it is no surprise that margin pressure is a daily reality.

Real differentiation is often only possible by fine-tuning the client interface. New technologies, increasing client expectations and a tight regulatory framework demand ongoing review and adjustment of the sales management processes and the underlying organizational structure.

The current trend leans toward a more focused sales strategy and a more centralized management. In contrast, sales professionals tend to have the most success when they are emotionally invested in their products and are working within a framework flexible enough to allow their own personalities to shine through. Amidst this tension, finding the right balance between centralization in planning and flexibility in execution is critical to success.

Sales Force Excellence covers the following core elements:

  • Well-defined and well-communicated sales strategy
  • Training of relationship managers
  • Balanced, reasonable, and active sales management
  • Deliberate and committed resource planning (pipeline management, data mining)
  • Life Cycle Management: client retention vs. acquisition
  • Alignment of sales reporting, performance measurement and incen-tive systems
  • Close cooperation with the marketing department

Our Contribution

  • Analysis of existing procedures and current condition according to the “Finalix Sales Excellence Framework”
  • Identification and prioritization of improvement areas
  • Pilot rollout of selected improvement measures
  • Concept finalization and comprehensive rollout including staff training
  • Setup of rolling feedback mechanisms and ongoing process optimization
  • Track record of success, based on numerous projects with Swiss private banks and financial service providers
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