At our client – a German private bank – outdated and inefficient portfolio management processes caused high manual efforts in portfolio construction and rebalancing. Investment and portfolio management functions needed to be redesigned to focus on value-adding activities and reduce the effort for repetitive tasks.

As a first step towards an improved TOM, new investment guidelines were defined and introduced. The second step was the definition of functional requirements for a modern system supporting portfolio construction and implementation.

To realize the requirements, a strategic cooperation with a provider of Wealth Management software was agreed. The focus of the functional enhancements is to increase the process automation level, ensure flexibility and modularization in the configuration of calculation logic and workflows as well as the consideration of client individual investment constraints.

Our Contribution

  • Definition and implementation of new bank-wide investment guidelines
  • Design of detailed functional concepts for portfolio management
  • Creation of proof-of-concepts for the complex parts of these concepts
  • Functional advice and quality assurance of relevant software delivery
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